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The Tantric Life

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

While the common belief may be that Tantra and tantric sex is all about sexual pleasure, what it actually is about is a heightened awareness of self. It is about celebrating your being in all of its forms (physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally) as well as intensifying your sensuality.

Tantra is a Sanskrit term that translates to "weave." It refers to weaving together or uniting the masculine and feminine forces within us, heaven and earth, the human body with the transcendent, collapsing the polarities. The purpose of Tantra is to discover an ecstatic union with all of life beyond the separate sense of self. Tantric sex—an aspect of Tantra—is seen as one (of many) doorways to that transcendent truth once we learn how to harness it.

Tantra is a comprehensive spiritual path for the evolution of the human soul and consciousness.

The Eastern philosophy embraces several spiritual concepts, including breathwork, yoga, and meditation, that are used to increase sexual energy. Our sexual energy is synonymous with prana - it is our life force. Our sexual energy is connected to our personal power, our sense of self, our creativity, and our ability to recognize and go after what we want in life.

Living the tantric life is a whole new way of being.

It allows you access to deeper levels of feeling, sensation, awareness, energy, and ultimately of who you are. It can help with releasing shame, trauma, and blocks around sex and your being.

It is through this holistic approach that sensuality becomes a doorway to beingness, to the divine, and a more intimate experience of the present moment. But how does one live the tantric life on a daily?

Living the tantric life means bringing consciousness to your every day. With curiosity, love, and gentleness, we practice how to be present from moment to moment. We move through life knowing we have an opportunity to be connected, open, compassionate, abundant, still, and spontaneous in all our experiences.

We connect with both the simplest of things and the most intense; we are with the ever-changing vibrancy, the mystery of life.

It is about living in the moment, with gratitude, and with a loving and open heart. The tantric life is about appreciating the subtle and the unassuming through finding the ecstasy in the in-between spaces as well as being fully present for the all-consuming, everything-changing life events.

The tantric life is for you if you long to have an interconnected, intimate, and loving relationship with yourself and, consequently, with others. It is for you if you want to live a free, joyous, authentic life and if you are willing to explore all aspects of yourself, including your shadow parts and hidden desires.

The tantric life is for you if you are feeling called to find freedom in your wildness. Wild as in the essence of your being.

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