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mental wellness coach & heart based tantrika

Hey there

I am Katherina, a mental wellness coach and a heart-based tantrika. I found freedom in my wildness, traveling the world to learn more about myself and deepen my training. My zest for adventure takes me wherever I feel called to go, from the shores of Mexico into the Ecuadorian rainforest to making a base for myself in rural Mozambique. 

I mentor my clients on their quest to build loving and intimate relationships with themselves and create a safe space for anyone who seeks to uncover, explore, and live a life of personal alignment, self-love, and adventure. My training includes Tantra, Life Coaching, Energy Work, and Yoga, and I am currently obtaining my MS in Psychology. 


The relationship we have with ourselves is the source of the nature of all our relationships. Feeling connected and safe in oneself leads to attracting healthier, more fulfilling relationship experiences all around.


My approach to my offerings and life itself is holistic and includes mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. While I regularly host workshops, retreats, and circles (online and offline based), my “Find freedom in your wildness” program is a one-on-one personalized course that incorporates all of the above to meet your needs. 


Please contact me for an initial free-of-charge connection session to learn more and/or to start your own personalized “Find Freedom in Your Wildness” program.

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Grow Your Vision

Megan D

"I found immense comfort in meeting Kat, because of her soft nature to begin with... It was immensely powerful, and the support and love from Kat, was felt. The entire experience was phenomenal."


"Working with Kat has truly transformed my life. I walk away from every session feeling so calm, breathing a little more deeply and feeling stronger in my body. From carefully chosen poems that resonate deep within, to the joy and lightness she brings to our sessions, Kat has gifted me with the space to go deeper within my body and soul."


"Katherina is super intuitive, gentle and nourishing in all our contact and sessions, while fierce enough to ensure I show up and give my best."
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